Mares, C.  (San Pedro, CA - TOYOTA)

 " The very first time I worked with Danijel, he whipped me into amazing shape in just a few months. It's been 9 years since then and I am continuing to train with him. Every session I have with him, he continued to challenge me, and just when you think you cant do anymore, he will give you an extra little push. Danijel's ability to vary workout menu in a way that keeps you surprise, his attention to your progress and his sense of humor makes it fun.


  Danijel is friendly, compassionate, and attentive, yet vigorous and dedicated trainer.  His vast knowledge and expertise really made a difference. He offers training in private gym conveniently located in Torrance, the space is new, clean and well appointed.

Honestly,I am in the best shape in my life at age 53 ! "


Suzuki, J.  (Torrance, CA  - TOYOTA)

" I highly recommend ProEffect Fitness due to Danijel’s dedicated work ethic, health and fitness expertise, and engaging personality.


   He offers creative and effective workouts, helps you set realistic goals, and is genuinely interested and supportive of his clients. Prior to working with Danijel as my personal trainer, I was unmotivated to get in shape because I would get bored with the same routines at membership gyms and would not see any results, and I had a limited amount time for exercise due to my work schedule.   Unhappy with my weight, fitness and stress levels, I signed up for 36 sessions in 2010. 


With ProEffect Fitness, I was able to maximize my time and be accountable for my fitness routine.

  We quickly met my weight loss and fitness goals in a safe, healthy and fun environment. I’ve since continued with Danijel because I love the variety he offers with each session and I’m constantly challenged, I actually look forward to each workout, and am happy with the increasing results! Thanks Danijel! "



Eddie, Z.  (Downey, CA)

" I've been going with Dan for over 3 years now, and my way of living has Change drastically. When I started with Dan I was bench pressing 80 pounds and now 270 pounds and counting!! Thanks Dan of course.


His method of training is awesome! He pushes you to give your all, but always thinking of your safety! I definitely recommend Dan and ProeffecFitness! "


Lynn, T.  (Palos Verdes , CA)

" Danijel is the best! He makes every workout challenging and makes me feel I am having fun. He has been my personal trainer for over 12 years now

( Yes that is right ) and has helped me significally  improve in first place my health , posture, balance and of course strength!


  This has helped me with hiking as well everyday activities. As soon as I master a routine, he moves me to something more difficult. He is very patient and aware of what I can do.


I am now in my 82 of age and I can do things I would never imagine doing it! "


Meika J.  (Manhattan Beach , CA)


" Dan is the best personal trainer! He is focused on helping me achieve my goals and makes every session challenging and fun!


He is very caring, motivating and encouraging. I Come two-three times per week for my totally private 1 on 1 sessions and he let me bring my 13 yr old son with me to train as well and hang out with him!


I always look forward to my weekly workouts at this place"


Kimberly D.  (Long Beach , CA)


Dan is an awesome trainer. He has everyone on their own custom program, and I never feel like he's not paying attention to me (even when sometimes I wish he wouldn't!). He works with each individual and helps them work toward their goals. And, he is a fun, affable guy who truly cares about my well-being and safety.


I don't feel afraid to tell him when something hurts (such as when my tennis elbow condition flares up) - he simply modifies the program so as not to cause or aggravate injury. As far as his rates go, they are more than reasonable for a personal trainer that helps deliver results.


So if you want or need a trainer to help you attain whatever fitness goal you're after, look no further than Dan!

Yna O.  (Gardena , CA)


" This is the ONLY workout that I have stuck with for months now.

 Dan challenges me everyday & I never really know what I'm about to get for my next session. He will motivate you every step of the way. Every client has different goal & Dan makes sure that they surpass them. I am currently trying to cut and Dan not only helps me with the workout but also my nutritional plan. There are so much that goes on with body training that it gets confusing, so having a trainer like Dan will be the best decision that you'll ever do!!!! 


He also gives great movie/tv show recommendations! "


Alan, G.  (Torrance, CA - REALTOR)

" Dan is the man! I've been working with him for two months I've lost at least 12 pounds my figure is becoming more like a man and my wife is very happy.


Dan is very knowledgeable not only of physical exercise but most importantly how to diet properly to get the results and the shape for your body that you want.


I suggest them to anybody who would like to get in great shape!! "



Ashley, B.  (Harbor City , CA )

" This is one of those times where you like something so much you don't want to tell anyone and have it all to yourself.... BUT I think it's only fair to share in this case. My husband and I have started training with Dan for a couple weeks now and have already seen improvements in our health. Dan is very knowledgable about health and exercise and very attentive to personal needs.


I do highly recommend Dan for someone like us who want a more personal experience with a trainer where you get the studio all to yourself.


Not working out in a room full of people helps to let yourself try your hardest and not be judged. Best decision we've made in 2016 thus far :) "

Danka, N.  ( Sherman Oaks, CA )

" One of the best fitness trainers I've ever met! I'm a former Pro Boxer so not that easy to please, trust me.


I also leave in Sherman Oaks and don't mind the drive because it's absolutely worth it. Danijel, thank you for all the endorphins, challenges that you put me through and effort because that what shapes who we are. You're the best!


Looking forward to our long fitness commitment.l!! "


Suzie, K.  (Los Angeles, CA - TOYOTA)

" I've been working with Danijel for several months now and must say I look forward to our tri-weekly/ bi-weekly training sessions. I've never really loved to work out but now I love it because I love the results and the training session.

I feel better than I have ever felt and my body is on it's way to looking amazing! Danijel is a joy to work with. He's funny, caring, and knows his stuff! He changes up the workout every time so it never gets stale or boring. You never know what the day holds when working with him. And he is very safe in that he tailors the workout for any ailments or injuries you may have. He is knowledgeable and well trained himself.


I would recommend Danijel to anyone who wants to feel and look great and have a fun time while doing it.  Thanks Danijel!! "


Marissa, M.

" Let me start off by saying the honest truth I hated working out before I teamed up with Danijel! However, working out with Danijel is like teaming up with a workout buddy with lots of added bonuses like; he’s an expert for sound advice
on how to do your exercises properly! I would not have any shape to my body other than a round shape if it wasn’t for him. It’s also worth mentioning the strength I’ve acquired. Seriously before training with him I could do 1 push-up!
that’s it.


I’ve come a long way from those days and I credit him first because he taught me about mental and physical strength (of course I did the physical part). His fitness knowledge is impressive and his determination to achieve fitness
goals is very honorable. He’s kept me motivated to look and feel my best from the inside out, which offers up a chance to forge new habits and create new routines. Even my tried-and-true habits have gotten a shake-up , as he helps reprioritize and become vigilant about sticking to a program or daily regimen that is realistic and gives me the results I want. It’s hard to find a trainer that makes you look and feel better about yourself after every session.

This is a person who is passionate about physical exercise and the best trainer I’ve had! "


Katie, T.  (Pasadena, CA)

" Once i entered college i stopped playing sport so I wanted to do training to keep in shape. I love going to training as an outlet and stress reliever.


 Training at Pro Effect Fitness has put me in the best shape of my life. My legs and lean and all muscle and my abs are so good almost showing a full 6 pack, which is my goal. I love the training and my body continues to get better and bettet each session. "


Patrick , M.  (Palos Verdes, CA)

" As a sedentary mid 50-year old man who was "showing his age" I was strongly recommended by my physician to get into shape "or else".

Improved diet and twice-weekly work outs with


  Danijel have allowed me to lose almost 40 lbs and has brought my cholesterol and triglycerides to not only normal but "excellent" levels...all is just over 1 year!  Friends and colleagues comment how I look ten years younger....I feel younger too!

Thanks to Danijel I'm healthier, stronger and happier than ever before! "


Karen , W.  (Carson, CA)

" When I first started this journey in June, I opened my mind up to many possibilities, My one goal starting off was to be able to participate in a two day walking event for breast cancer in Santa Barbara, CA. I was unsure if I could even Make it the first five miles when I started with Danijel. I knew I was physically so out of shape, but my mind was open!


Who knew with dedication, encouragement and guidance in my corner not only did I finish the first day of 13.1 miles but I had stamina and endurance to go on the second day for another
10 miles? I had only worked with Danijel for two short months before the even. Now I am have a plan to attend many more in the future.


My friends and family have noticed big changes not only physically but also in my confidence. I know that possibilities are endless. That little black dress for my 35 year high school reunion is now reachable. I tease Danijel about the fact that my goal was never to run a marathon of any kind...but now I am even running! "











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